Friends of Seasonal & Service Workers

Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers (FSSW) is an all-volunteer organization of community activists, students, seasonal workers, clergy and other concerned residents dedicated to assisting all-volunteer, independent organizing drives of farm, seasonal and service workers who are struggling to build collective solutions to their poverty conditions.

Join With FSSW to...

Sign up for an Organizer Training Program

Certified organizers provide on-the-job training in the basic skills needed to collectivize and mobilize concerned individuals and groups to provide aid to organizations of low-income workers fighting to end policies that perpetuate poverty and destroy our communities.

Lead Neighborhood Food Drives

At the invitation of residents, teams of FSSW volunteers canvass neighborhoods to collect staple food items for distribution to organizations of low-income workers, to alleviate hardship that is an obstacle to organizing for their rights and sign up those interested in volunteering.

Fight for Affordable Energy

FSSW volunteer organizers and community supporters have joined with farm workers and seasonal workers to stop millions of dollars in electricity rate increases through mobilizing grassroots community opposition to utility profiteering.

Unite Local Businesses With Low-paid Workers

Visit local businesses to spread the word about FSSW's support for organizations of low-paid workers and invite them to get involved.

Support Self-help Medical and Dental Benefits

Join caravans to rural Oregon and learn to be a lay advocate on medical and dental sessions carried out by volunteer medical and dental professionals. Or donate your professional skills as a medical or dental professional.

Advance Campaigns Led by Low-paid Workers

Join with low-paid workers to reverse economic degradation and build positive programs to end poverty.

Produce an Independent Newspaper

Learn the skills of writing, design, layout and printing through publishing FSSW's newspaper Seasonal Greetings, an independent newspaper reporting on FSSW's work and the truth about struggles of low-income workers' organizations, denied a voice in the mainstream media.

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